Our services

  • Realize workshops with communities leaders that are interest on start a sustainable tourism entrepreneurship
  • Thru the website and social media, we communicate to all our visitors, any information related on advertisement, holidays, history  of the  ethnic community.
  • Promote ethnic destination with  different marketing strategics, E-commerce, ect.
  • Our website is a link between potential customers and the community,  in those cases of confirmation services, or,  any additional information, we act as a bridge with the main purpose of make customer for them.
  • Our library option (ethnoteca) is a perfect option to find very value information (history & investigation) related our ethnic communities.

How we will operate

Identify those tourism entrepreneurship in all Latin America (we want in a future identify more of those all around the world).

Approach the communities through calls, emails and visits them in order to get the approvals of the leaders.

Develop of  a Data Sheet of the destiny the main objective is know more about of the community attractions, services,  average of ages of some activities and the estimate confirmation time.

Uses of marketing, E-commerce strategies in order to approach  and increase customer we will uses marketing tools  in the internet,   with  advertisements  and  participation on tourism fairs and any activity that we  consider importer  according  our values and objectives.


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