Who we are


Our mission is to be the voice of ethnic and tribal entrepreneur communities that want to promote tourism in their communities on a responsible global market

 Our Vision

Being an international organization that educates, supports and promotes sustainable tourism in ethnic and tribal communities.

Who we are?

Ethnotourism.org, is the result  of  the investigation in the Final Graduation Project called: FOUNDATIONS OF ETHNOTOURISM AND THEIR CONTRIBUTION ON THE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM IN COSTA RICA(2012), to obtain the Masters Degree.  The  purpose of the author (José Eugenio Guevara Brenes) is to make a document that shows the importane of the ethno-tourism as a sustainable tourism activity in Costa Rica.

The author of the document and this website is not the only one on this project, thanks of all the experience and travel he meet  young, professional of different areas with energy that  contribute to make this website serious, responsible and honest, summary in this values will see below:


Once we identify those entrepreneurship that are related with our believes, we proceed to talk to them to invite them to be part of  our project  in order to promote with the objective to potential tourism visit them.


The importance and the definition  of ethnotourism as a  sustainable-responsible tourism product / activity is part of we want to inform to everybody,  and the  correct intercultural change between us and the communities.


Ethnotourism.org, has to be pro-active looking , or,  developing new tourism products bases on our values of sustainability, also,  we have to find the best solution to help those communities  on improve better quality of life.


joseMSc. José Eugenio Guevara Brenes.

President/Founder of the website www.ethnotourism.org,  with the academic background of  Hotel Management, Project Management and Master on Sustainable Tourism he was  immerse most of his professional live on the tourism industry in Costa Rica (included an few week as a intern in  Ometepe´s Island as a associate consultant, 2011).  With a easygoing attitude, inside his mind he has a storm of ideas always looking for a positive impact in the tourism.  As a responsible of the Final Graduation Project on Ethnotourism he notice a potential on this subject.


jose2MSc. Elizabeth Riofrío García.

One of the first members asked to be part of this project, José and Elizabeht they were classmates during the Master´s Degree years; she is from Quito, Ecuador.  Her experience and her knowledge on ethnic communities and professional-voluntary consulting jobs (included anthropology and archaeology fields) on Ecuador, makes her an important member to understand how works in South America. Her Master Degree on Sustainable Tourism and her professional experience in the tourism industry,as an independent consultor and voluntary on indigenous communities  the love that Elizabeth reflects on this topic make her an escencial member on this project.



Fabier Mena Mena

Other of our members on this Project, Fabier is considering a multifaceted person; he combines his job in a public institution with her Foundation Oropopo and other tourism activities.  He is proud of this indigenous identity and culture (Hüetar) and thanks of that he has become representative on international organization meetings.  His academic background on business administration, tourism  and experience on  cultural investigations, makes him an important member on this project.

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